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Macro- to microscale modelling procedures of solid tumour biomechanics


Date: 1 March 2017
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Location: EC Stoner 8.60
Speaker: Vasileios Vavourakis (UCL)

At the dawn of the era of personalized medicine in cancer therapy, mathematical and computational modelling – also coined in-silico modelling – is becoming increasingly useful to aid biological experiments, make quantitative and testable predictions of cancer development, while generate and test new hypotheses of the tumour–host microenvironment.

In my talk, I will present two new in-silico multiscale modelling methodologies of solid tumour biomechanics. These models have been formulated to encompass tumour growth, tumour-induced angiogenesis, and the tumour—host tissue microstructure heterogeneity. The in-silico models have been validated against in-vivo data of the collagen microstructure, microvasculature, interstitial fluid and solid mechanics forces from animal cancer models, specifically focusing on the role of mechanical signals in recapitulating in-vivo measurements.