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All members of the Theoretical Physics Group in Leeds are involved in solving challenges of modern Theoretical Physics. Our research covers topics, which range from Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Optics and Quantum Field Theory to Condensed Matter and Soft Matter Physics as well as Computational Biophysics. For example, we contribute to the development of novel Quantum Technologies and the understanding of biological systems through computational experiments.

Our main research areas are:

  • Quantum Many-Body Physics
  • Topological Phases of Matter
  • Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics
  • Computational Biophysics
  • Quantum Optics and Quantum Field Theory
  • Quantum Technologies

To obtain information about PhD opportunities, upcoming conferences, funding opportunities, internal and external seminars and more subscribe to our microsoft teams group chat by sending an email request to

More information about the history of the group can be found here.