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Theoretical Physics Seminar: Felix Tennie (Oxford)


Date: 28/11/2017

Time: 12pm

Location: EC Stoner 8.63

Hardcore bosons from a quantum info view point

In systems of indistinguishable particles, the 1- and 2-body N-representability problems are of tantamount importance since their solution potentially offers an exponential computational advantage in determining the ground state (energy) over solving the N-particle Schroedinger equation.  For fermions, it has already been thoroughly investigated and is know as Coulson's Challenge in Quantum Chemistry. In this talk, I address the question of N-representability for systems of lattice hardcore bosons. A result on the maximal possible occupation number will be given which resembles a new 'Pauli principle' for hardcore bosons. In addition, the possibility of (fractional) Bose-Einstein condensation in a one-dimensional model system will be discussed.