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If you find any errors that are not included in this list please email them to the author at Thank you.

Page 16 - when the charge particle - Should be charged
Page 19 - The vector A is called Berry connection - Should be called the Berry connection
Page 53 - it employes some of the most - should be employs
Page 62 - In chapter 4, the ordering of the indices for the fusion matrix symbol (F) are not consistent. Compare, for example, fig. 4.5 and fig. 4.6.
Page 63 - In fig. 4.7 the fusion diagrams have the incorrect numbering at the top. the last diagram, for example, should be "2 3 1" instead of "1 2 3".
Page 70 - Pentagon equation (4.27) uses f as an index instead of 5, which is inconsistent with the original definition (4.19)
Page 71 - We obtain the same condition as (4.29) - Should instead be (4.31)
Page 72 - (4.36) - Should be a minus sign on one side
Page 73 - Paragraph before 4.4 - Switch the note to the start of the paragraph so Hence follows on correctly
Page 80 - Floor function definition - Should be Largest integer that is smaller than or equal to x NOT smallest integer larger than or equal to x
Page 105 - Our goal is to bring the Hamiltonian in quadratic form - should be into a
Page 123 - In equation 6.67, the subscript on one of the gammas should be "j"
Page 124 - The sentence, "The operators ... or ... project on the zero population states, while ...", should be inverted to read "The operators ... or ... project on the states that correspond to populated modes ..."
Page 126 - Equation 6.84 should have a negative sign on the far right hand side, and eq. 6.86 therefore also gets a negative sign on the right hand side.